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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

March 2010 Newsletter

Does your pet ride in your vehicle with you? If it does, here is some information that will help keep your pet safe in case of an emegency. As of this date, only a couple of states require that a pet be tethered when they are in the back of a pick-up truck but no state has a law that your pet must be buckled when in your car.

It is more dangerous for the driver than it is for the pet if something would happen that you got into an accident. The safest place for a pet to travel is in the back seat. A large pet that weighs 60 pounds can hit you with a force of 2,700 pounds if you have to slam on your brakes going 35 mph. An injured pet can also cause a bad situation that can hinder rescue workers if you were in an accident. There are safety items that are sold on the market that can help you and your pet travel more securely.

The first is a dog safety harness. It is a specially designed harness that fits your pet and is buckled into the your existing seat belt system. Make sure that the one you buy is a universal harness, some foriegn cars do not accept these harnesses. We sell the Guardian Gear brand of pet harnesses for all sizes of pets at a very reasonable price. Check out our web site at

The second items you can buy for your pet is a crate or a carrier. An enclosed carrier is a very safe place to keep your pet when traveling. Have you ever noticed that when you see a canine police unit car pass you that the dog is in a cage? This is to protect this highly trained pet from injury in case of an accident. These enclosures come in all shapes and sizes and also is a place that you can keep the temperature regulated for your pet on hot days. We can special order any size crate or carrier that will fit your pet. Email us as, we can ususally beat the competitors prices which includes shipping.

The third thing, is a child's booster seat that can be fitted with a dog harness. This is usually used for a smaller pet such as a Chihuahua or Pomeranian. It is not a good idea to attach leashes to the pets collar, the pet could choke if the car has to stop suddenly.

Remember that we are not professional doctors and you should always read instructions and talk to your vet about what is best for you and your pet.