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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

January 2010 Newsletter

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This months newsletter is preparing your pet for airline travel. If you are planning on taking your pet with you on vacation or relocating somewhere that your pet will need to fly with you, here are a few things that will help you get that task done easier.
Did you know that many airlines have "Preferred Pet" shipping, where you can ship your pets in a climate-controlled and pressurized compartment? The larger the pet, the more it will cost you to ship your animal on an airliner.
The first things you should do is call each individual airline to find out what their restrictions are. You can also look this up on their web sites. Always make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Arrive at least two hours early to be sure everything is in order. This is pretty much standard procedure when you fly. Some pets can be carried on board with you. Every airline has special requirements and fees, so call to check. There also are a limited number of animals allowed on each flight, that is why you must make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Remember that in hot climates, certain breeds of short-nosed dogs and cats cannot fly in the heat of the summer or to some destinations. Purchase only an airline-approved pet carrier. We can order many styles and sizes of airline-approved carriers. Send us an email at and we will send you some pics and prices. Try to get a non-stop flight and make it as early in the day which is the best time. Freeze little clip-on dishes of water the night before the flight so the ice thaws slowly. This will give your pet something to drink and it will not spill all over the cage when it is moved. Do NOT put towels, blankets, toys or pet food inside the carrier unless approved by the airline. Don't muzzle, leash or put a choke collar on your pet in the carrier. Write your contact information and the pet's name on the outside of the carrier with a black marker. The airline may have other additional charges you must pay before picking up your pet. So, be sure to ask about additional charges before making a reservation.
Remember that we are not professional doctors and you should always read instructions and talk to your vet about what is best for your pets.

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