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Thursday, April 28, 2011

May 2011 Newsletter

Above is a picture of Tosino from San Diego, CA. Sporting one of our best selling harnesses. Tosino is a 5 month old White Labrador mixed with Cocker Spaniel "Spanador" and we are told that he is a very happy dog now. Thanks for the pic. If you have a pic that you think is worthy of sharing with the world. Send it to us at you too can own this Harness by going to or Comes in black and red.

This months pet hints is Hiring a professional to care for your dog.

We are sure that one time or another that you have thought about hiring someone to walk, board, care or sit for your pet. Here are some questions to ask that professional before you leave your pet with them.

Has the sitter service done criminal background checks on employees? If so, ask for documentation for anyone that may be entering your home.

Get references or ask your veterinarian or groomer for a recommendation.

Ask the sitter service if it's affiliated with professional pet-sitting organizations.

Always introduce the sitter to your pet before you leave to ensure that they respond positively to one another.

Leave instructions so your pet's routines change as little as possible while your gone.

Remember, we are not professionals and you should always consult your vet for what is best for your pet.

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