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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

August 2008 Newsletter

We have recently been asked if we sell pet sunscreen. Our first reaction was, why do you need sunscreen for your pet, they have plenty of hair to protect them from the sun. In doing some research, we hae found that their are many types of pets that do not have protective hair.

If your pet has light colored skin or a pink or pale nose, if your pet is shaved, if your pet like to sunbathe on its back or any area that their is no hair,then your pet needs sunscreen. Dogs have more sensitive skin than we human do which means they need to use their own specially designed sunscreen that is SPF 15 or greater. Sunscreen will also help protect sun bleaching in most dark haired animals.

Pet owners, particularly dog owners, need to be very careful when using sunscreens, some ingredients can be harmful if your pet licks them off their body. You should never use any sunscreens that contains zinc oxide, salicylate, or PBA's in it, your pet can become anemic if it is ingested. Many human sunscreens have harmful ingredients in them, so do not use them.

We are looking for a vendor that will supply us with sunscreen for your pet and we will add it to our website at as soon as we can.

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