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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

June 2008 Newsletter

This month we will start giving you hints and ideas about how to care for and keep your pet healthy. Since summer is close by, with thought we would start with the care for your pet in the summer heat. We are not professionals in animal care, so all the information that we pass on to you has been borrowed from animal care books and magazines.

Your pets feet are very important to take care of in all seasons of the year. In the summer your pet's feet can be easily burned on hot pavement and sand. Make sure that you put booties on your pet's feet when you are walking your pet on hot surfaces or beaches.

Don't leave your pet locked in a hot vehicle for any period of time. When it is hot, it only takes minutes to reach dangerous temperatures inside the vehicle. Dog's can't sweat the same way humans can. They thermo-regulate mostly by panting and sweat minimally through the bottom of their feet.

Heat stroke is a very serious life-threatening disease that can afflict dogs quite rapidly. Dark-colored dogs are particularly prone to heat stroke due to the fact that their coat absorbs heat. Other medical factors that predispose your dog to heat stroke are obesity, laryngeal paralysis, and heart disease. Some common early signs of heat stroke include panting, excessive salivation, hyper-excitement, and increased rectal temperature. Heat stroke can affect every organ in the body, if you suspect that this is taking place, seek immediate veterinary attention for your pet.

Never leave your pet in a place were it can't find shade or access to water. This seems very commonsense, but sometimes pets left on chains or leads may wind themselves around a tree and cut off their access to water.

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