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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

July 2008 Newsletter

Summer is now upon us and this month we are going to give you hints on how to keep your pet cool in these hot months ahead. Did you know that we offer mats that help keep your pet cool in summer months? We sell a mat that you can just add cold water to keep your pet cool both indoors and out. We also have unique pads that help cool your pet on hot summer days and also insulates pets from cold floors in the winter. Drop us a line at for more information. See pictures below.

Kongs are a great way to cool down your pet in the summer heat. Here are some hints you can do with the Kong this summer. Fill your Kong with ice cubes, your pet while not only enjoy licking the ice out of the Kong but it will keep them busy for hours trying to get the ice cubes out. You can also fill your Klong with water and freeze it! Don't forget to plug that tiny whole with something edible. The other alternative to Kongs are the Zanies Cosmic Cones. You can do the same thing with these toys. We carry both of these products. See pics above.

Also, a great idea is soaking a bandana in cold water before putting it on your pet. As the wate evaporates, it will feel cool to your pet. We carry about 50 different styles and sizes of bandanas.

We also offer many great floating pet toys for lots of water fun. We carry Cool Kongs that float, Kong Air Dog Toys in Ring, Dumbell and Bone shapes. If you need any other water fun toys or gear, send us an email at and we will find it for you. See pics above.
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